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Aussie chicken trailers are the most effective way to produce free range eggs in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. Not only does the Aussie chicken trailer mean less labour time for the farmer, but the 'portable coop' also means that manure can be distributed around the paddock which gives hens fresh areas to graze. With manure being distributed around the paddock, this means a reduction in costs and labour for spreading fertiliser.


The advanced features of our chicken nesting trailer means that farmers can keep chickens happy and healthy with minimal labour required. Time is saved with the Chicken Master that controls the exclusion nesting door, the actuated side doors, and the lights.

And the nesting system has more room to lay eggs at 50 birds per 1 square meter. vs the competition and the Australian standard of 130 birds per 1 square meter. Giving the needed room to have less ground eggs and minimize the manual labour. 


Aussie Chicken Trailers are designed and built with the harsh Aussie weather conditions in mind.

Aussie Feeders manufacturers a wide range of natural chicken nesting trailers, suitable for 1500, 1000, 600, 450, 300, 150, 40 and 20 birds. 

Aussie Chicken Trailers are manufactured in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia using only quality Australian products. All of our steel is certified as being produced in Australia, so you can trust that your sale is helping to grow Aussie businesses.